Day Three – Identifying My Values

Today’s exercise was to name my values. I initially was making it more complicated than it really was. All I had to do was list 10 things that’s important to me. Here’s what’s important to me.

  • Knowledge/wisdom/truth/spirituality – I can’t explain this. It’s just who I am. It’s what I do. I’m always looking at the “why”s of everything, I enjoy it.
  • Love – Love is a beautiful thing, when it’s mutual and unconditional. I love love and I love being in love
  • Family
  • Community – These are my brothers and sisters too. We need to adopt a mind-set that when one succeeds we all can. If one is down, we all should try to lift that person up.
  • Financial security – Money provides more choices. Choices offer freedom.
  • Advancement/personal growth & developement
  • Responsibility – one of the things I’m most passionate about. When people voluntarily take on responsibilities and then choose to neglect it just pisses me off. Especially, with children.
  • Peace
  • Fellowship/laughter/good times
  • Creativity – expression is essential.

One thought on “Day Three – Identifying My Values

  1. B Flyy says:

    Financial security – Money provides more choices. Choices offer freedom.— so true!!!

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